Equipment Repairs

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Laser Repairs Custom Bodor Parts Fabrication

Posted on Feb 05, 2022 by Laser Guru in CNC, Equipment Repairs

Client in Bumbo, Brooklyn had laser head collision causing head mount to bend a bit which lead to improper cuts. Unfortunately that laser machine was made by Bodor and company likes to make all parts custom instead of using industry standard components. When we tried to get replacement parts from them they said its no longer available and they don't even produce that machine model (even though machine was made in 2019 which is 3 years ago) To handle laser repair we reverse engineered part and manufactured it ourselves. Luckily this is just a few hours trace and part can be milled on CNC so for LaserCutZ it was not to complex to make our o

CO2 Laser Head Modification and Repair

Posted on May 04, 2021 by Laser Guru in Equipment Repairs

We got parts modified and ready to install at architectural company in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Laser heads are modified to supply additional airline to the top of the lens. This modification to laser machine will allow pushing derbies away form lens tube and as result laser lens will stay clean so laser can operate longer without preemptive maintenance. If you industrial equipment need service and repairs in NYC area, please contact LaserCutZ.