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Laser Cut Stencils Guide

Posted on Jul 02, 2021 by Laser Guru in Lab and Research, Laser Cutting, Portfolio

Stencils are used everywhere where, but to produce them to perfection you need to pay attention to artwork you make. This guide will show how to make stencil artwork for laser cutting. Stencils can be cut with CO2 laser, fiber laser, CNC and blade vinyl plotters. regardless of what machine is used to cut them the all get cut and unlike a printer all cutters cut through material fully so all unsupported parts will fall off. So lets say we want to spray paint this image below. If you print out our image it will look perfect on paper, font is good size is good BUT if you send this art for laser cutting as stencil this art is not good and

Laser Beam Quality Manipulation to Improve Cutting Performance

Posted on Feb 06, 2021 by Laser Guru in Lab and Research, Portfolio

When it comes to lasers two most important parts that affect your cutting results are laser beam aliment and beam quality itself. Laser sources such as Fiber lasers are pre-aligned at the factory with special tool and usually under microscope so output results are very good (with fibers we seen focused spot have perfect circle at 0.015mm) For CO2 lasers situation is not that easy and in most cases you need to have optical elements along the laser path to deliver laser beam. Any element you add to machine has some tolerance and end result gets degraded. No matter how good you are in tuning there will be some losses BUT proper tuning and setup