Laser Cutting

LaserCutZ portfolio speaks for itself, with more the 447 jobs listed in 16 categories, we have skills, knowledge and machines to deliver any job that you can describe. If jobs is impossible to do we will build custom machine that will make it happen as we believe that there is no such thing as impossible.

EV Battery Leads Array Laser Cutting and Laser Welding Prototyping Service

Posted on Aug 17, 2021 by Laser Guru in Laser Cutting, Portfolio, Welding

With raise of EV (electric vehicles) new batteries such as LiPO and LiPoFe4 become very popular New electric car startups building their own designs and require custom batteries and custom form factors to fit designs perfectly. LaserCutZ state of the art equipment can help test, and prototype any EV ideas from start to finish. Our specially build fiber lasers can cut non corrosive 3003 aluminum foil that can be used to join battery cells together. Our laser welders can weld leads to battery elements without heating them which reduces chances of defects or overheating form conventional spot welding. Finally LaserCutZ and TempGP engineering team

Laser Cut Stencils Guide

Posted on Jul 02, 2021 by Laser Guru in Lab and Research, Laser Cutting, Portfolio

Stencils are used everywhere where, but to produce them to perfection you need to pay attention to artwork you make. This guide will show how to make stencil artwork for laser cutting. Stencils can be cut with CO2 laser, fiber laser, CNC and blade vinyl plotters. regardless of what machine is used to cut them the all get cut and unlike a printer all cutters cut through material fully so all unsupported parts will fall off. So lets say we want to spray paint this image below. If you print out our image it will look perfect on paper, font is good size is good BUT if you send this art for laser cutting as stencil this art is not good and

Metal Fiber Laser Cut Restaurant Fence Sign

Posted on May 08, 2021 by Laser Guru in Laser Cutting, Signs

Hot roll A38 steel fiber laser cut metal sign done for NYC restaurant to be used as fence for open streets barrier. Sign cut from 1/8" 11GA panel, venue had 5 signs surroundings area to add extra branding. This metal sign will stay outdoor and overtime it will rust and will look like Barclays center paneling style

Fiber laser spot welding service hot roll steel

Posted on May 04, 2021 by Laser Guru in Laser Cutting, Welding

Spot welding is nothing new and not exiting, it been around for ages and does it job, but when it comes to a laser worlds, doing spot laser welding becomes fun and easy. Unlike electric art spot, laser does not require electrodes to be on sides to penetrate through material. Hand held fiber laser gun easily allows to move around and weld any location very fast. More to say big dark welding helmet not needed so operator can actually see whats being welded (well of course laser glasses are needed for safety) Picture above shows very quick laser spot weld sample form 22ga cold roll steel. Sample plates got laser cut then we used hydraulic

Decorative Paper CO2 Laser Cutting Services

Posted on Feb 07, 2021 by Laser Guru in Laser Cutting

Laser is best to cut thin material such as paper for decorative purposes. There different types of lasers have different advantages, for example cold laser will cut paper without any burning at all and with very very small kerf. CO2 laser 10.6nm will have some burning but can cut fast. Floral decoration on photo above was cut with custom build galvo machine and as result cutting time was reduced form 17 minutes down to 37 seconds. This cutting speed improvement allows to make massive decoration assets

Metal Tube Laser Cutting Shapes and Art

Posted on Jan 10, 2021 by Laser Guru in Laser Cutting

LaserCutZ spacial fiber laser machine is capable of cutting any tube or profile shapes. Conventional miter saw can only do streight cut and its very limited while laser has unlimited possibility in cutting tubes. Drilling holes in exact location is very easy with tube laser cutter, more over any type of shapes can but form in both square and round tubes. With tube cutter architectural, art, automotive structural and mechanical projects are made much much easier

Metal Business Cards Laser Cut and Engraved

Posted on Jan 10, 2021 by Laser Guru in Laser Cutting, Laser Engraving

Metal business cards always look nice and memorable, those 2 cards are done as a gift and more like a name plate rattehr then a business card, they fiber laser cut form thick #4 brushed stainless steel, then manually polished edges for extra safety to make sure there are no sharp corners and finally MOPA laser engraved with holographic effect, when you move card around text shines and changes colors.

Freestanding Acrylic Table with Polished Edges and Bent legs

Posted on Jan 10, 2021 by Laser Guru in Laser Cutting

This table is done form 3/4" thick acrylics, laser cut to size, edge polished and leg flanges heat bent to 90 degree to form modern ooking freestanding coffee table

Kindergarten COVID Sneeze acrylic guards

Posted on Jan 10, 2021 by Laser Guru in Laser Cutting

Kindergarten sneeze guard manufactured from Brooklyn local school. Interlocking acrylic partitions divide common desk into individual section making study environment more safe for kids. Despite acrylic is cheper material to fabricate LaserCutZ recommends using polycarbonate dividers as they don't chip or brake.

Cerakote Painting and Coating Services in NYC

Posted on Jan 09, 2021 by Laser Guru in Laser Cutting, Painting, Portfolio

Cerakote is very often used for coating weapons but we decided to do a sample on structural stainless steel beam that we laser cut on our tube cutting machine. Crekote can provide environment friendly, high temperature resistant coatings, in most cases its a spary based alternative to a powder coating.