Terms of Service

  1. All sales are final! No returns, no refunds, no exchanges. LaserCutZ provides custom fabrication service, we charge for TIME to make custom item rather then for an end product.
    As custom job is specific for a client jobs it can not be returned not time spent can not be reverted. If project needs alternations modifications or to be redone from scratch extra charges will incur.
  2. Payment Due Date is on receipt of invoice. All jobs need to be 100% paid in advance. If invoice is past due 15 days, LaserCutZ will charge 10% financing and late penalties compound monthly. Unpaid balances will be reported to credit scoring agencies, invoices will be sent to collection agencies. All collection related charges will be billed to client.
  3. Due Dates – if specific delivery time needed client need to inform LaserCutZ in advance. If quote provided indicates time needed to produce project ex 14 days, then time start at time invoice is paid. All quotes estimates are valid for 1 week!. If job quoted outside 1 week interval then due date may need to be re evaluated to verify current production availability.
  4. Receipt of Funds – invoice considered paid when money revived and posted to our bank account. Any funds that been sent but have not been delivered, or withdrawal in or after transaction are not making invoice paid. For ex if credit card company does not post fund to our bank account due to any reason, we consider invoice unpaid. If Zelle does not deliver money to bank account then invoice considered unpaid, if check was mailed but not received etc. Bottom line only collected and posted funds will mark invoice paid. Please note if funds are delayed your may incur financing and late payment charge.
  5. Credit Card Refunds – as of 2023 our merchant providers do not refund transaction fees on credit card transactions. In an event that refund is needed we will subtract 3% (actual credit card transaction fee) from refund amount. For example if credit card sale is $100 and client ask to refund transaction, refunded amount will be $97.

  6. Paperwork Requirements – if client requires ANY on boarding applications aside from typical W9, those need to be submitted in writing as part of quote request. Any paperwork burden is calculated into project cost. Any paperwork requested after project start will not be processed regardless of client internal procedures. Please submit any paperwork requirements PRIOR commencing the job. This includes any certification requirement.
  7. NET Terms and Credits – LaserCutZ does not extent financing terms, no exceptions, all jobs need to be paid upon invoice receipt.

  8. NDAs – LaserCutZ does not sign NDA for projects less then $10,000 in estimated value. This includes any standard forms. If project under NDA cost less then $10k then it will me marked for a minimum charge of $10k to meet requirements of maintaining NDA on file