Body Armor Donations for Ukraine Soldiers

LaserCutZ stands with Ukrainian solider in war against peace and humanity. Most of our team are Ukrainian and Russians, as we watch Putin’s army destroying beautiful historic cites in Ukraine, killing civilians and even military who are brothers nations, we can not stand aside. To help stop aggression and save lives of innocent people we reorganized our production capabilities and now LaserCutZ machinery is set to produce body armor and bulletproof vest that we will donate to Ukrainian civil defense units.

LaserCutZ fiber lasers can cut hard steel such as AR500 that is used in bulletproof vest. We already produced test units and run test shots to ensure armor plates are not penetrated by typical Russian AK 7.62 bullets. Samples already been sent to Kiev for evaluation and we are preparing mass production. At current stage everything is funded by our own and our friends money.

We ask every one who supports our goals to join our efforts. You can help by donating or you can help by doing things. Money helps a lot but also labor and logistics is also needed. Working with US and Ukraine government is critical too, in order to deliver whats needed and where it is needed.

Currently about $250 in raised funds will allow us to produce military Class IV body armor vest (that’s including delivery to Poland or western border of Ukraine). Each body armor can save a life. Our goal is to supply at least 1,000 vest in nearest weeks, regardless if we successful raising money publicly or putting our own form group of business friends and partners. More over if we can raise public funding we wish to increase that number to 10,000 west produced.

If you want to keep peace in Europe and save lives please consider donating!

We will post updates on what was produces, what we shipped and where we shipped too.

Military Body Armor Class IV  Bulletproof vest manufacturer in NYC

bulletproof armor plate laser cutting

This armor plate was shot from AK-74 Saiga with 7.62 rounds and for additional test 0.308 round which is much higher power. All bullets fully stopped on impact

bullet resistant strike plate no deformation form ak 7.62

Side view of the plate show no deformation, so there will be less damage to soldiers torso

splatter trap plate for bulletproof vest

As bullet hits strike plate it brakes apart in small please that can ricochet and cut or kill. To trap those peaces we tested additional plate that will catch exploded bullet which makes armor vest more safer for carrier.