Stained Glass UV Printing

LaserCutZ provides stained glass fabrication and restoration services. Color stained glass mosaics are impressive decorative part of historic buildings. Many places of worship utilize glass art to represent story or history. As light passes through color section stained glass the rays cast image on floor adding special feel, in many cases warm yellow colors add welcoming accents while visual rays delivers unforgettable experience.


Temple, Church, Synagogue, Cathedral Stained Glass Digital Printing Service

For new constructions LaserCutZ can print any artwork onto a glass to produce same effect as conventional stained glass but digital production methods. File you create will be printed exactly as designed. Our special UV printer will be configured to allow transparency to ink. We can configure amount of ink to be dense or nearly transparent to achieve any design idea that architect has in mind.  Combination of light filters and inks can be used together to go beyond just  printing. When filters are used it becomes almost like projection gels used in movie industries t cast desired image to the surface.

If project involves restoration of historic building like gothic church or temple, we can recreate same glass image as on original. If original stained glass is missing or broken our artist can draw missing parts and we then digitally print full new stained glass that can be used in construction replacement.

LaserCutZ does more them just glass prints! We can send our teams on site to do 3D or 2D scanning of existing glass or frames. 2D glass digitization some times very important especially when dealing with very old historic buildings as they are fully hand made that means that each frame, each window is unique and requires special attention.  One we have DXF or cad files form construction site we can offer glass cutting service. Almost always stained glass is cut to complex curved shape. LaserCutZ can use our waterjets to cut conventional glass to any shape and any size. When glass is done we can polish edges and do glass tempering service to ensure that glass is safe to use.  When newly made glass is ready we will print stained glass artwork onto it.

stained glass artwork for print

Our glass printing service is advanced technology that applies ink directly to glass, we don’t use cheap stickers or films which means ink will be printed straight to glass delivering best and authentic visual effect. Digital Glass Printer that we use is one of the largest printers in East Cost and mainly in New York, New Jersey area. Printer can handle jobs of 8.5 x 20 feet in size as single glass panel.  This can be a critical factor when dealing with very large glass panels that can not be separated and can not be printed in sections.  Because our printer is extremely large we can handle job of any complexity and if job is complexly unusual our engineers can design custom machine that will be build specifically for your project.  

To start your stained glass or any other glass printing project please use contact page to send us email with project description and we will get back to you right away

Residential & Contemporary Stained Glass Manufacturing

Stained glass in residential buildings is easy way to combine unique design with functional privacy screens. Very often buildings have windows facing next door neighbors or building near by. With stained glass in residential projects designers can keep a light source for the room and yet add touch of decoration and make it a design idea center piece. Residential and retail stained glass can be printed on both direct to glass or film prints depending on ideal budget and structural limitations.   In most cases designs of residential see through glass are more vivid and modern comparing to gothic projects for temples but design choices are up to client as LaserCutZ can print any artwork requested.

residential stained glass art print tint