School Desk Sneeze Guard
Durable, comfortable, ergonomic protection for safe school reopening

private school nyc student desk sneeze guard manufacturing by laser

LaserCutZ school desk sneeze guards are designed to lock to original table top and ensure they are not moving. This is extreme advantage to any other sneeze guards for schools as kids will always run around and push free standing partitions off the table. More to say LaserCutZ schools desk guards are locking so well that whole table can be lifted, tilted and shifted by pushing glass surface and sneeze guard will not separate. To provide additional safety, all sharp ends of plastic are polished out and smoothed to reduce risk of accidental cutting. School desk partitions can be manufactured form either acrylic or polycarbonate as per client request. Both materials are optically transparent and so there is not blockage of view.

To ensure that protective partition is user friendly, we designed those sneeze guards by actually siting in a desk and making CAD model and testing prototype in live setting. As result LaserCutZ sneeze guard is most ergonomic and most aesthetic. It is easy to get into the desk and sizing are tuned to make sure there is space for books and hands to move around and not be bounded like you are sitting in a cage.

school desk sneez guard cad design nyc

Desk Size: 24×18
Actual Tabletop: 23 3/4 x 17 3/4 x 0.6″
Sneeze Guard: 21 high & 24″ wide
Material: Acrylic or Polycarbonate