Metal Welding Services in NYC

Aside form metal laser cutting, LaserCutZ offers various high quality welding services at our factory. We specialize in exotic welding using lasers along with regular welding machines. LaserCutZ can weld aluminum, titanium, brass, copper, bronze, gold, silver along with more typical stainless steel and carbon steel (mild steel) Different project needs different welding technique which will depend on material that needs to be weld along with item itself.

Aluminum Pipe Welding

Medical Device Stainless Welding

Stainless Tube Laser Welding

Handheld Laser Welding

Fiber Laser Welding Services

Fiber laser welder delivers exceptional results when it comes to welding stainless steel or regular mild steel. With nitrogen working as a shielding gas, welded edge stays absolutely clean and nice so no griding or buffing is needed. Our high power welder can weld thicker metals much better then any other type of welding machines.

fiber laser welding machine

TIG Welding Services

TIG welding is best for materials such as Aluminum and Titanium. Fabricating those materials needs minimal burning and oxidization as results other welding methods are not best. Our master welders can fabricate most complex aluminum and titanium jobs. Aluminum welding is very often used in automotive, aerospace and architectural projects. Common examples for TIG welded jobs are performance cars aluminum inter coolers and titanium exhaust pipes.

tig welder service

MIG Welding Services

MIG welding machine melts wire and add fused metal on top of the weld piece . MIG is easier to weld especially on larger runs but some times its unknown how deep weld into base metal and also if there any contaminates. Because os those uncertainties TIG is better for simpler metals like regular iron and some stainless steel jobs. All tig weld jobs need clean up process ether by mechanical brushing or with electrolysis.

MIG Welding Machine
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