Commercial Bathroom Sneeze Guard Dividers

LaserCutZ designed sneeze guard for pubic bathrooms in commercial buildings to contain spread of COVID-19 virus. Stopping virus is crucial but aesthetic appearance is important part of building interior design. In order to preserve upscale looks of existing designs we engineered partition that will blend in as decoration element rather than an intrusive measure. Acrylic glass is mounted by mirror polished brackets to marble countertop and wall. Our design does not require any drilling in order to preserve original design material. Because no drilling is needed partition installation can be semi-permanent and can be removed at any time if required. In order to maintain maximum hygiene, acrylic glass is elevated from countertop surface which allows easy water flow from splashes and easy cleaning. Safety partition does not require any tools and can be easily installed by regular maintenance personnel.

bathroom partition laser cut

Key Benefits:
– Perfect Fit 20″ x 35″ size
– Aesthetic Upscale Design
– Easy Installation
– No Drilling Needed
– Removable