Architectural Grill

Divider Panels Design and Laser Cutting Services in NYC

Panels and grills are present in all typed of design in both commercial and residential projects. LaserCutZ specializes in design and fabrication of those panels. All our projects are custom made per client specks and if needed team of our world class designers will help with creative ideas to make your project more impressive.  Most of architectural grills are laser cut either by high power CO2 laser or fiber laser when high metal cutting precision is needed or milled with CNC.  Each interior design project is unique so one or more laser machine can be used to achieve exceptional effect.  To stat you laser cut architectural grill project please use contact page to send us your requirements.

ceiling panel laser cutting designs decorative lighting and events nyc

Ceiling Grills and Panels
Plastic, Acrylic, Metal, Wood, Glass
Ceiling panels are mostly flat and either laser cut form thin metal or cnc mill from composite.  Wood ceiling grills are laser cut by CO2 laser most of the time form plywood.  Ceiling grills is ideal way for retail locations to hide utility piping and wires located on top and at the same time make venue look unique and stylish.  Laser cut ceiling grills almost always used in airports in public areas and waiting halls. Those metal grills can be laser cut and shapes to various forms such as waves to express artist vision. Flat ceiling panels are more common in retail environment such as stores, resurrects and hotels.  Some ceiling grills are used at exhibitions and galleries. In recent years combination if perforated ceiling partition with hanging flowers and backlight became very popular.

laser cut metal architectual partition grill hotel

Partition Dividers
Plastic, Acrylic, Metal, Wood, Glass
When open space needs to add little piracy and look large specious and fancy, laser cut partitions are the best choice.  Those comes in various forms, sizes and shapes. Partition can be flat metal or wood with custom artwork or patterns. More complex laser cut divider panels are welded form parts to add thickness and volume. 3D reliefs panels are milled by CNC.  Most common materials would be metals but if unusual designs are needed curved marble can add special tough and luxury to your design.