Guitar & String Instrument Repair Services

Welcome to our dedicated workshop, where the art of music meets craftsmanship. Our team of skilled luthiers is passionate about bringing the best out of your instruments. Whether it’s a vintage guitar or a cherished violin, we ensure each string sings with clarity and each note resonates with purity.

Our Services Include:
• Precision Setups: Tailored to your playing style for optimal sound and playability.

• Fret Work: From leveling and dressing to complete refrets for a smooth, buzz-free playing experience.

• Custom Engravings: Personalize your instrument with intricate designs or meaningful inscriptions.

• Electronics Repair: We troubleshoot and fix wiring issues, replace pickups, and more to keep your sound sharp.

• Structural Repairs: Cracks, breaks, or warps are no match for our restorative expertise.

• Restoration: We breathe new life into vintage instruments, preserving their legacy and tone.

Why Choose Us?
• Craftsmanship: Decades of experience in instrument repair and restoration.

• Quality: We use only the finest materials and tools to ensure the highest standard of work.

• Attention to Detail: Every instrument is treated with the utmost care and precision.

• Fast Turnaround: We understand the importance of your time and strive to complete repairs promptly.

• Satisfaction Guaranteed: Our commitment to excellence ensures your complete satisfaction.

Bring your beloved instrument to us and experience the harmony of expert care. Contact us today to schedule your repair or to learn more about our services.

You can call our guitar master directly at (646) 972-0688 or use contact page to submit your inquiry