As of Feb 2023 our prices have been updated. New prices posted below.

$250 per hour general rate, bigger machines have higher rates.  $350 MIN charge for setup and any small runs. Phone originated appointments or no appointments walk ins are $500 min charge, please use email to schedule appointment or submit jobs. Bigger machines have higher rates and prices are available on request. Please submit projects for quotations.

For smaller order and sample you do need to take in to consideration  file setup and material placement time. We can do your orders by billing minutes or we can provide flat rate for your job so you don’t need to worry about production time. Minimum charge is $350  for small lasers.

Material cost is not included in machine rate, you can bring your own material or we can use what we have in stock or order material for you. We are not a material supplier so option you chose will not affect your labor cost.

Sales Tax: We only provide service to B2B customers (resalable final product or service is used in business operations) hence we do not collect sales tax for your order. If you are not qualified as tax exempt company, we are not able to provide you service at this time. All quotes are given do not include sales tax and assume you are tax exempt customer.

To get exact quote per your project please use contact page to send your file for evaluation. Please do NOT call for quotes as we will need to review your files, we can not review files over phone so we do not give quotes over phone.

Laser CutZ NYC is currently offering following services:

  • Laser Cutting and Laser Engraving for metal and non metal (plastic, wood, etc)
  • Large Format UV Flatbed Printing (glass, wood, ceramic, plastic etc)
  • 3D Printing – FDM, SLA, DLP, PolyJet
  • CNC Milling
  • Large Format Banner and Signs Printing (including work site  Construction Signs and DOT Signs)
  • 3D scanning
  • Mold Injection
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mechanical
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Software and Firmware Development
  • Product Development
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Fabrication
  • Industrial Equipment Repairs