LaserCutZ possess state of the art machines that can handle any manufacturing requirements. Our focus are laser cutting machines but we are not limited to laser cutting services as different jobs need different equipment to produce it. We have built our dream factory so we can produce everything in house which gives us maximum flexibility and very very fast turnarounds. Our efficiently is so good that we can produce many jobs same day.

While every one else in NYC works with small material size , we go big. LaserCutZ machines can work with material as big as 6x10ft.

Material Size Chart
lasercutz metal fiber laser cutter tube machine nyc

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Type: Laser
Power: 1500W
Bed Size: 60×120″

Fiber laser is most efficient machine to cut metal with very clean edge and no burning. Prevision of fiber laser is very high, this machine can cut small features that are 0.2mm in size, the laser kerf itself is 0.05mm. Bed size is 10×5 ft and it can cut metal up to 1/2″ thick. Fiber metal cutter can work with steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, titanium, silver, gold platinum. More material properties can be found on our laser materials page. Unlike most of fiber cutting machine LaserCutZ version is also capable to laser cut tubes, pipes and profiles, for example precision hole drilling to pipe or ornamental cuts can be done with this fiber laser metal cutting machine.

oscillating knife cnc

Fabric Blade Cutting Machine

Type: Knife
Power: 5kW
Bed Size: 48×96″

Unlike laser, oscillating blade cutting machine uses knife similar to x-acto knife, this allows material cutting without burning or smell. Knife cutting is most suitable for fabrics, leather, rubber, vinyl and other materials that may exhibit heat shrinkage or burning. LaserCutZ automatic knife cutting machine has scoring attachment which allows marking fold lines on boxes or sewing lines for car mats for example. With scoring and cutting feature things like product displays and shipping boxes can be prototyped very fast. This cutting machine is also ideal for making foam incest such as used in carrying cases for cameras and other fragile equipment

48x96 fabric blade cutter cnc machine by lasercutz nyc

CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

Type: Laser
Power: 150W
Bed Size: 48×96″ and 23×35″

CO2 laser is most universal non contact cutting tool and it is capable of handling vast amount of materials. Most of the time CO2 laser cutting service is best for materials such as acrylic as its easiest to cut and it produces best results but other combustible materials are well suited for this laser cutting machine. For example paper, fabric, denim, leather and many other materials can be cut with CO2 laser. Aside from cutting materials, this machine can also do engraving on combustible and mineral material such as stones, marble, glass

CNC Router Machine

Type: Mill
Power: 8kW
Bed Size: 48×96″

CNC router mills are ideal for cutting materials that are not suitable for laser such as PVC, Vinyl, Polycarbonate. Aside form that CNC can controll depth of cut and with tool change complex 3D reliefs and models can be cut. LaserCurZ cnc mill has very powerfull spindle motor that allows cutting hard materials, we can also cut metal on this machine