LaserCutZ portfolio speaks for itself, with more the 421 jobs listed in 11 categories, we have skills, knowledge and machines to deliver any job that you can describe. If jobs is impossible to do we will build custom machine that will make it happen as we believe tat there is no such thing as impossible.

Coin Feeder Machine Prototype

Posted on Sep 27, 2020 by Laser Guru in Laser Cutting

Video above shows concept to distance coins and control flow,. Hopper allows to deliver say 1 coin when machine request 1 coin, design prevents any jamming and allows smooth flow of coins so exact count is dispanced. Sorting gear can be controlled by open loop servo or even regular motor. 3 sensor positions can be added to detect if there are no more coins in line (ex Add more coins error message), coin ready sensor, and coin sent status so we know coin was delivered to next module for processing. In case of rim engraving project next module would be fixture that will hold coin to chuck.

Brass Locker Handles Black Ink Fill

Posted on Aug 16, 2020 by Laser Guru in Laser Engraving

Custom brass locker handles are deep laser engraved and then recess channel is filled in with black ink. Project is done for new construction of retail location in Manhattan. Those brass handles are to be installed on custom made wood lockers in changing room. Deep engraving is done as per architect request but it is very similar to MIL speck projects we did for La Guardia airport in Queens

Ceramic Mirror Laser Engraving

Posted on Aug 16, 2020 by Laser Guru in Laser Engraving

This is unusual mirror made of ceramic composite on one side and silver oxide on other side. As per client request LaserCutZ engraved custom message and logo on the back of the mirror. To ensure that artwork can be engraved we used UV laser to invert color pigments in ceramic material.

Mercedes S65 AMG Custom Center Cup Laser Engraving

Posted on Aug 16, 2020 by Laser Guru in CNC, Laser Engraving

This aluminum center cup was custom milled to the shape of specific custom wheal and then laser engraved on mopa fiber laser with AMG logo to show the style and importance of luxury S65. Project features thin lines along the tree and piston line and deep recess into aluminum in the rest of the artwork. Final product will get polished and clear powder coated. As wheal are fully custom and center cups are custom too this will be great addition to make a unique car even more unique!

Extruded Aluminum Profiles End Cups Manufacturing

Posted on Aug 16, 2020 by Laser Guru in Laser Cutting

Short run agile manufacturing of aluminum profile end cups. Small or mid size run mold injection can be slow and expansive due to mold setup, but with some tuning laser cutting can produce very cheap parts that are similar in cost to mold injection but no need to wait for mold to be machined. Those end cups are laser cut form acrylic and customized to fit profile shape to perfection.

Stage Microphone Laser Engraving Name

Posted on Aug 16, 2020 by Laser Guru in Laser Engraving

Wired stage microphone was laser engraved on our mopa fiber laser. Main body of this mic is aluminum and it is powder coated with silver paint. We set laser to remove paint and do micro polishing on aluminum so that we will expose nice and contrast gift message in white color.

Brand Metal Hot Stamp

Posted on Aug 16, 2020 by Laser Guru in Soap Stamps

Cast brass stamp is ideal option to burn (brand) wood product. When heated up with torch stamp absorbs hear and then it can burn logo directly onto wood leather or soaps. This specific stamp was done to burn into custom cutting bard manufactured by our client.

Church Medals Laser Engraving Personalized Names

Posted on Aug 16, 2020 by Laser Guru in Laser Engraving

Every object engraved with name becomes personal, same goes to this laser engraved project where LaserCutZ produced silver medals with peoples name for church. To make process more effective we updated our marathon processing software so that client can upload list of names directly into the system and then names are processed and loaded to machine. Then each medal gets engraved while we pull names directly form database. This procedures increases production efficiency of laser engraving process and it shows main advantages of working with high tech company such as LaserCutZ as we can write our own machine software and customize business proce

Lamborghini Steering Wheal Cup 3D scan and 3D Print

Posted on Aug 16, 2020 by Laser Guru in 3D Printing

This project needed to 3D scan original Lamborghini Huracan steering wheel rear cup and modify it shape so real carbon fiber lamination could be possible without affecting look and feel of the car. We used our metrology laser scanner to get point cloud of original parts, then part was reverse engineered so we can have 3D CAD file that can be edited and one that would mate properly to rest of the steering wheel. Final edited CAD was printed on our SLA resin 3D printer to achieve maximum quality and details. As seen on photo reverse engineered part can out same as original.

Paper lace laser cutting cards service

Posted on Aug 16, 2020 by Laser Guru in Laser Cutting

Paper and cardboard is easy to cut with CO2 laser as long as artwork is not intricate, but once you need something very small paper will overheat form CO2 laser and burnout so small features are not possible. This is not a case with LaserCutZ cold laser. Our cold laser does not heat up paper as result extremely small feature size can be achieved. Even microscopic fine details will be possible to cuts, in fact only limitation is structure of the paper itself. Project in photo shows very thin structural walls that are about 0.3mm wide and yet they hold main artwork on a small peace of cardboard.