LaserCutZ portfolio speaks for itself, with more the 447 jobs listed in 16 categories, we have skills, knowledge and machines to deliver any job that you can describe. If jobs is impossible to do we will build custom machine that will make it happen as we believe that there is no such thing as impossible.

EV Battery Leads Array Laser Cutting and Laser Welding Prototyping Service

Posted on Aug 17, 2021 by Laser Guru in Laser Cutting, Portfolio, Welding

With raise of EV (electric vehicles) new batteries such as LiPO and LiPoFe4 become very popular New electric car startups building their own designs and require custom batteries and custom form factors to fit designs perfectly. LaserCutZ state of the art equipment can help test, and prototype any EV ideas from start to finish. Our specially build fiber lasers can cut non corrosive 3003 aluminum foil that can be used to join battery cells together. Our laser welders can weld leads to battery elements without heating them which reduces chances of defects or overheating form conventional spot welding. Finally LaserCutZ and TempGP engineering team

Fiber laser spot welding service hot roll steel

Posted on May 04, 2021 by Laser Guru in Laser Cutting, Welding

Spot welding is nothing new and not exiting, it been around for ages and does it job, but when it comes to a laser worlds, doing spot laser welding becomes fun and easy. Unlike electric art spot, laser does not require electrodes to be on sides to penetrate through material. Hand held fiber laser gun easily allows to move around and weld any location very fast. More to say big dark welding helmet not needed so operator can actually see whats being welded (well of course laser glasses are needed for safety) Picture above shows very quick laser spot weld sample form 22ga cold roll steel. Sample plates got laser cut then we used hydraulic

Handheld Fiber Laser Welder Machine for Metal

Posted on Jan 10, 2021 by Laser Guru in Welding

Welcome latest addition to LaserCutZ machines inventory - hand held fiber laser welding machine. Fiber welder is best choice for welding stainless steel, it allow welding with minimal or no seam, no overheating and best visual appearance. This mean that SS metal wlll retain is appearance even outdoor. Never the less its always good idea to use stainless steel of 416L grade for outdoor weld. With combination of our Tig and Mig welders, LaserCutZ can cut and weld any type of metal job including exotic and hard to weld metals such as Titanium and Aluminum