LaserCutZ portfolio speaks for itself, with more the 447 jobs listed in 16 categories, we have skills, knowledge and machines to deliver any job that you can describe. If jobs is impossible to do we will build custom machine that will make it happen as we believe that there is no such thing as impossible.

Plastic Chrome Coating and Mirror Coating Services

Posted on Jan 10, 2021 by Laser Guru in Painting

LaserCutZ provide chrome and mirror coating services for plastic parts. those parts are perfect fit for automotive and marketing projects. This speed shape sample show how perfect reflection is after applying proper mirror coating layer to a plastic part, parts becomes like a mirror. This technology can be used for headlights and reflectors prototyping and to make any unusual and shiny objects.

Cerakote Painting and Coating Services in NYC

Posted on Jan 09, 2021 by Laser Guru in Laser Cutting, Painting, Portfolio

Cerakote is very often used for coating weapons but we decided to do a sample on structural stainless steel beam that we laser cut on our tube cutting machine. Crekote can provide environment friendly, high temperature resistant coatings, in most cases its a spary based alternative to a powder coating.