Large Format UV Printing on Glass for Restaurants and Hotels

Nothing looks more impressive then gigantic prints, but it is NYC and every one is used to a big bill bards, display screens and everything hedge, sol lets take it to next level with extra large format on glass.
Glass was always a luxury substraight, it looks gorgeous, glossy and flashy, glass is nothing like cheap vinyl print sticking on the wall. When it comes to large size glass artwork prints it adds extreme prestige and special look to hospitality venue. LaserCutZ x SunStudio has largest glass printer in NYC and tri state region. Lets face it, even Duggal would not print 10ft glass surfaces. Photo shows little sneak pick on NJ facility with 11×8 ft glass panel printed for a luxury restaurant in Brooklyn.
LaserCutZ prints directly onto glass surfaces, we also offer cistom glass fabrication and installation services.

extra large format 10ft glass sheet panel UV printing in NYC