Laser Machine Repair Services

LaserCutZ provides laser repairs and maintenance services in NYC. Our years of experience and recognition by leading domestic and foreign manufacturers will gurantee that your machine is back in service with minimal downtime. We do repairs to most industrial machines, not only lasers, more over as we build our own machines and electronics we can upgrade and improve your machines. Most important advantage of LaserCutZ maintenance service is understanding of of engineering and non linear optics. As we are based in New York we can be on site with local customers very fast. If you located outside the drive range we can fly technician to you but best to have preliminary consultation to see if we can help remotely.

  • CO2 Glass Tube Laser Repairs
    Mid range CO2 lasers became very popular in recent years hence machine came in service starting to brake. Most of machines (even US brands) are assembled in China and parts fail quickly. For CO2 lasers like that most service calls are about optical path (mirrors aliment), lens changes and cleaning. As machine wares out CO2 glass tube needs to be replaces, usually along with power supply. In some instances older controller s such as Leetro or Ruida need to be replaced. Another very common problem is cables that go to motors brake and some time stepper motors need to be replace. If we list all potential problems with mid range 80-150W CO2 laser then its total machine rebuild. Historically most problems come with China Bodor machine, those need maintenance in 1st weeks of service.
  • CO2 RF Lasers Repairs
    RF cartridges gaining popularity as cost of machines goes less then $100k. Due to still expansive cost of sources there is a need to service cartridges them selves. Gas needs to be recharges, power supplies (usually 48W high amps) need to be cleaned and repaired. As machines have bigger budget those use more expansive servo motors yet servos need more cable sand cables brake more often
  • Fiber Laser Engraving Machines
    As cost of entry level fiber engraving machines went down those flooded them market, very often then use counterfeit parts to reduce cost as results controllers are failing. This requires electronics debugging. Next big thing in fiber laser failure is red pointer, every 2nd machine has problems with previews. older machines have beam combiners and those are easy to repair while new sources integrate red pointer inside the source which requres more complex repairs.
  • Fiber Laser Metal Cutters
    Those are bigger machines, very often LaserCutZ can help with machine setup and 1st run and training. If client is buying new machine we can help setting up whole factory. Most of repairs for cutting machines come to controller cabinet , though inattentive operations can brake cutting head due to collisions.
  • YAG Welding Machines
    In an age of NdYAG laser needs to be pumped through ruby or other resonating crystals for frequency doubling, as result optical component is most fragile, cooling cavity, gems and mirrors need constant replacement to maintain power.

If you need help servicing, fixing or installing your lasers or other industrial machines please get in touch with us through contact page.