Laser Cutting Services

High quality precision laser cutting services are available at all our facilities. Laser cutting service is best option to cut flat material with best edge quality. All LaserCutZ machines are tuned to state of the art precision and can handle very complex jobs and large size material up to 60×120″. If needed machine customization is possible to meet client requirements

LaserCutZ can cut any material of any complexity, very fast and with best quality. We build our own machines to achieve exceptional cut quality and with 20 years of experience we know how to handle job right. We work on project basis and this means if its 5pm in evening today and you need to get job done by 8AM tomorrow, we will do it while any one else will say its impossible.

There are multiple type of laser cutting, main difference is a source of laser or wave length of the laser. Different lasers work with different materials as each material reacts differently to one wavelength or another. Most common lasers are CO2 lasers 10.6μm (or 10,600nm) and Fiber Laser around 1064nm.

CO2 Laser Cutting

CO2 laser is mostly used to cut combustible non metal materials such as wood, plywood, mdf, plastic, acrylic, fabric, felt, rubber, paper and anything that burns. Most of the time CO2 laser cutting is used for decorative and design elements fabrication such as signs and paneling of course final and actual end use is only limited by imagination

Fiber Laser Metal Cutting

Fiber laser is mostly used to cut metal material, this includes any type of metal from typical mild steel or iron to exotic metals such as titanium and gold. Most common fiber laser cut materials are still stainless steel, aluminum and brass as those are very popular structural and decorative materials that are used every where.

  1. CO2 Laser Cutting Services
    CO2 laser cuts combustible material or non-metals such as plastic, acrylic, wood, leather, paper, mdf and others. This machine is mostly used for marketing and retail fabrication along with specialty production such as custom parts and COVID sneeze guards.
  2. Fiber Laser Cutting for Metals
    Fiber lasers are used for sheet metal cutting. Most of the time fiber laser cuts metal for structural and architectural decoration. LaserCutZ fiber laser can cut both flat sheets along with tubes and extruded profile. Advantage of fiber laser vs high power CO2 laser is that fiber laser will have very minimal kerf and no material burning or blackening when cut with nitrogen gas.
  3. Water Jet Cutting
    Water cutting is not exactly a laser but it provides additional benefits for cutting materials such as stone, slabs, glass, metal or especially when material if very think. Water stream carries abrasive particles under high pressure that cut anything on its way. Most of the time we use waterjet for marble and glass cutting.
  4. CNC Mill
    Additional non laser service that is used for 3D shaping or to cut materials that not suitable for laser cutting such as polycarbonate or ABS plastic. CNC mill is mostly used for furniture and retail displays. Special kind of CNCs are used for mold making such as car body parts fabrication.