Custom Soap Stamps

Embossing stamps for soaps, clay, dough, large size ink stamps, inlay plates for concrete.

LaserCutZ manufacturers custom laser cut stamps for different applications. Most of our stamps are used for embossing material such as soap, clay, dough and concrete. We also make large size ink stamps. All our stamps are custom made to client specks and size. To simplify order process we made automated order page where you can upload artwork and select select options for your stamp. Custom Stamp Order Page

Soap stamps transfer logo (artwork) to your product. This helps with branding and promotion as customers recognize branded products and they can reorder them. Stamping is not the same as printing artwork though. Stamping is a physical process of embossing, deforming base material with force, because of that artwork for your stamps needs to be prepared properly. To make preparation simple we made Soap Stamp Guideline which each customer should read and follow before pacing order. Important thing to keep in mind is that you are ordering a tool, and end result produced by the tool depends on how well you prepared art, and how well you mastered tool usage.

Stamp Types

There are different stamp types, each type has its own advantage and disadvantage.

Regular Acrylic Soap Stamp

Entry Level Stamp

This is most basic and cheapest option for embossing soap stamps. It has smallest elevation (shallow) which means your most likely will hit base of the stamp plate and base will leave imprint on your soaps. With acrylic stamp base is also not absolutely flat and it may have waves to it. Despite limitations this is best entry level option for experimentation when quality and easy of use is not critical. Artwork elevation will average 1.5-3mm (1/16 – 1/8″)

Deep Acrylic Soap Stamp

Easier to use

Deep stamp is same as regular but artwork is elevated more, so there is less chance of hitting base plate. On average deep stamps are easier to use and they produce better imprint. As art elevated more please be sure to avoid thin lines in your artwork as they will brake or burn much faster, also small enclosed areas may clog faster. To avoid clogging you can use clear plastic wraps. Artwork elevation will average 3-6mm (1/8 – 1/4″)

Premium Acrylic Soap Stamp

Best option in acrylic stamps

Premium stamp has same art elevation as deep one but to make it even better we flame polish its surface to make it less sticky. As result premium stamp has less clogging and does not need to be cleaned that often. Premium stamps is recommended for more serious applications and small production lines where quality is important.

Metal Stamps

Best + Durable

Metal stamps are superior to acrylic once. Metal does not brake and more thinner lines are allowed in artwork. Metal stamps mostly have flat base plate so even it hit material there is less impression form base plate. Metal stamps available in brass, aluminum and stainless steel. Elevation of artwork will vary depending on project