Gold Foil Stamping Service in NYC

LaserCutZ now offers gold and silver stamping service for marketing prototyping and small production run. Gold foil offers unique and luxury look that can be transferred to many substraights. This includes product packaging, cosmetics, makes up, industrial design elements, paper, sung glasses, leather, wood or just about any object. Foils stamping uses 2 type of stamps. One is soft silicone stamp and other hard brass stamp. Silicone or rubber stamps are used for hard surfaces ex acrylic, polycarbonates or other plastic surfaces that can break under pressure. Photos attached show two surfaces one mate P95 acrylic and othe glossy acrylic. Both plastic sheets stamped with gold foil, but look of them is different as matte grainy surface also made gold look with same grainy texture, while glossy surface makes gold look like a mirror. 2nd type of stamp is hard stamp and like vice it is used for a soft surfaces such as paper, leather or wood. Hard stamp compresses soft surface and makes stamping perfectly even.

acrylic gold foil stamping printing service in nyc

Gold foil printing requires stamps and so is semi analog way of printing. Unlike fully digital engraving, stamps need to be made there fore there is high setup cost. For quick prototypes simple short life stamp can be used. Testing stamp will die after few impressions, it will have limitation of minimum size of art work BUT it can deliver prototype in matter of minutes. For example shield logo in this post was done with this budget prototyping stamp. Budget stamp does not actually cost less but it gives quick testing option. On other hand full and proper production stamp will hold hundreds of impressions before it needs to be replaced, however it mat take 2-3 weeks to produce such stamp.

matte and gloss gold transfer to plastic

There many ways to transfer gold look to plastics, for example laser engrave and infill with gold ink, silk screen in gold ink, or pad stamp in gold ink. How ever out all of those methods gold foil will make most realistic reflective yellow looks that will look just like real gold!

To start your gold foil stamping marketing or prototyping project please use contact page to send us your speks.