LaserCutZ portfolio speaks for itself, with more the 447 jobs listed in 16 categories, we have skills, knowledge and machines to deliver any job that you can describe. If jobs is impossible to do we will build custom machine that will make it happen as we believe that there is no such thing as impossible.

EV Battery Leads Array Laser Cutting and Laser Welding Prototyping Service

Posted on Aug 17, 2021 by Laser Guru in Laser Cutting, Portfolio, Welding

With raise of EV (electric vehicles) new batteries such as LiPO and LiPoFe4 become very popular New electric car startups building their own designs and require custom batteries and custom form factors to fit designs perfectly. LaserCutZ state of the art equipment can help test, and prototype any EV ideas from start to finish. Our specially build fiber lasers can cut non corrosive 3003 aluminum foil that can be used to join battery cells together. Our laser welders can weld leads to battery elements without heating them which reduces chances of defects or overheating form conventional spot welding. Finally LaserCutZ and TempGP engineering team

Laser Cut Stencils Guide

Posted on Jul 02, 2021 by Laser Guru in Lab and Research, Laser Cutting, Portfolio

Stencils are used everywhere where, but to produce them to perfection you need to pay attention to artwork you make. This guide will show how to make stencil artwork for laser cutting. Stencils can be cut with CO2 laser, fiber laser, CNC and blade vinyl plotters. regardless of what machine is used to cut them the all get cut and unlike a printer all cutters cut through material fully so all unsupported parts will fall off. So lets say we want to spray paint this image below. If you print out our image it will look perfect on paper, font is good size is good BUT if you send this art for laser cutting as stencil this art is not good and

Metal Photo Engraving for Aerospace ID Mil Speck

Posted on May 04, 2021 by Laser Guru in Laser Engraving, Portfolio

LaserCutZ got request to produce mil speck metal id tag that can have photo laser etched to it. Goal of the project to make photo engraving that will not get scratched off, burn or gets washed away by chemicals. As need on sample our state of the art laser machine was able to engrave photo at 300dpi which is same as it would be printed on paper but this one is etched into black aluminum. Sample was requested by aerospace contractor so we guess it would be for pilots or astronauts. We choose black anodized aluminum as a metal for this sample, we also tried same thing on stainless steel 316L and photo engraving came out perfect on stainle

Laser Beam Quality Manipulation to Improve Cutting Performance

Posted on Feb 06, 2021 by Laser Guru in Lab and Research, Portfolio

When it comes to lasers two most important parts that affect your cutting results are laser beam aliment and beam quality itself. Laser sources such as Fiber lasers are pre-aligned at the factory with special tool and usually under microscope so output results are very good (with fibers we seen focused spot have perfect circle at 0.015mm) For CO2 lasers situation is not that easy and in most cases you need to have optical elements along the laser path to deliver laser beam. Any element you add to machine has some tolerance and end result gets degraded. No matter how good you are in tuning there will be some losses BUT proper tuning and setup

CNC Machine Repairs and Modifications

Posted on Jan 10, 2021 by Laser Guru in CNC, Portfolio

Even if your machine is perfect there always room for improvements to make it better or add additional functionality. This time we doing a handson modification to our own cnc by adding simple but effective tweaking to make it much more precipice. In general LaserCutZ provides lasers, cnc and electonic repair services to industrial equipment on east cost and NYC area

Cerakote Painting and Coating Services in NYC

Posted on Jan 09, 2021 by Laser Guru in Laser Cutting, Painting, Portfolio

Cerakote is very often used for coating weapons but we decided to do a sample on structural stainless steel beam that we laser cut on our tube cutting machine. Crekote can provide environment friendly, high temperature resistant coatings, in most cases its a spary based alternative to a powder coating.

Carbonfiber Texture Hydroprinting Parts

Posted on Nov 13, 2020 by Laser Guru in Ink Sublimation Printing, Portfolio

Carbon fiber parts are very popular for car modifications, real carbon some time hard to manufacture (and some times not needed) one alternative to real carbon if hydroprinted texture that can be applied almost to any shape. For example shpeed shape below shows carbon wave that is fairly realistic even when we compared to original carbon used in Mercedes AMG interior our speed shape looked fairly decent. Few projects back we made custom parts form real carbon fiber for Lamborghini, now looking back we could use hydroprinting to do the same part with much less efforts and get same visual reuslt. If your project requires carbon texturing use

Filming LaserCutZ Engraving Works

Posted on Aug 16, 2020 by Laser Guru in Laser Engraving, Portfolio

LaserCutZ took a challenging project to make something unusual. This art project was so unique client decided to send film crew to make a documentary on how project was made. This film shows how our laser machines engrave metal parts with extreme high precision on unusual curves. Film is now done and LaserCutZ is working on mass production of metal part needed by client.

Commercial Bathroom Sneeze Guard Dividers

Posted on May 25, 2020 by Laser Guru in Architectural, Laser Cutting, Portfolio

Protecting employees and building guest is a critical task for property management company.  To prevent spread of COVID-19 LaserCutZ developed upscale looking bathroom partition for sink countertops. Installing glass or acrylic countertop dividers will protect guests when they are in close proximity to each other and reduce risk of virus transmission. Our divider panels are designed to provide high end upscale look. They do not need any drilling into marble countertop or glass so installation is very easy and fast. Kit includes all mounting hardware and laser cut acrylic glass.  Glass partition is elevated form counter which allo

Custom Glock Receiver Grip Laser Engraving Logo

Posted on May 11, 2020 by Laser Guru in Laser Engraving, Portfolio

This Glock receiver from Polymer 80 was laser engraved our UV laser machine. Customer had made texture with hot iron and prepared grip area to be laser engraved. We could use either fiber machine or UV machine to do deep engraving into pistol grip. We choose to use UV as plastic used for this Glock seemed very close to ABS and UV laser is better for ABS plastic engraving. Low waves for UV produce less heat and so ABS does not melt making engraving nice and crisp.  This handgun got 3 logos on it, which was Hulk Security as seen in picture along with Hulk body silhouette and radiation symbol on back. Vido of this engraving is posted on