Custom Glock Receiver Grip Laser Engraving Logo

polimer 80 glock 19 fiber laser engraving reciever grip logo

This Glock receiver from Polymer 80 was laser engraved our UV laser machine. Customer had made texture with hot iron and prepared grip area to be laser engraved. We could use either fiber machine or UV machine to do deep engraving into pistol grip. We choose to use UV as plastic used for this Glock seemed very close to ABS and UV laser is better for ABS plastic engraving. Low waves for UV produce less heat and so ABS does not melt making engraving nice and crisp.  This handgun got 3 logos on it, which was Hulk Security as seen in picture along with Hulk body silhouette and radiation symbol on back. Vido of this engraving is posted on YouTube. Watch it here