Custom Soap Stamps for Embossing made in Brooklyn

If you are in craft of organic and all natural soaps then you probably want to promote your brand. This can be done but stamping or embossing your company logo to the soap body while it is soft.  Laser-CutZ NYC can do acrylic or rubber engraved stamps for soap projects. Acrylic is hard enough to be pressed into the soap body, we can add handle to the stamp plate or we can do just a plate so you can mount it to the press.  If you are using molds for your soap making then we can produce laser engraved rubber stamp that can work as a padding for your mold.  Alternatively as a part of TempGP engineering we can help you with best option for doing custom soaps with your logo on it and that would be making silicone mold or even steel mold that you can use to pour / cast your soap material. Mold made soaps have best details and you can also transfer textures to your soaps. Of course molds are mot exactly a laser job but our patent company TempGP can help you with this process too if you are ready to go to next level.
Photo below shows 1/4″ clear acrylic with handle used as soap stamp embossing.