Edge Lit Acrylic LED Sign Window Laser Cutting and Engraving

LaserCutZ developed bezel free edge lit led sign technology. With this setup laser engraved acrylic windows is illuminated by LEDs that are built into the acrylic panel itself. Given that led set is slim and white it makes them very discrete if not invisible within the installation.  Unlike any other LED sign, our panel is very elegant and does not require massive borders around. It can be standoff mounted and electricity can be routed through standoff holes, alternatively panel can hang in the air making it look like logo shines out form nowhere.  Illuminated LED signs work almost same way like regular LCD monitor back light. LED supply’s light to edge of acrylic panel and then when light hits laser engraving spot it changes direction and illuminates only that spot in the panel making logo or back light dots to cast light toward viewer. LaserCutZ can fabricate any type of sign, we do actual engineering and production so our possibilities are limitless.