Gold Necklace Name Tag Laser Cutting

gold name tag neckless laser cut

Gold Necklace or custom name tags have always been exceptional gift for any occasion.  Generic names can be purchased from retail stores but unique names or variations are hard to get and need to be done custom. LaserCutZ sate of the art machines can make any type of text or ornamental gold necklaces or decorations. There are two was to make a text name tag, one is to laser cut metal sheet and then polish it to perfection. LaserCutZ can cut any type of metals including precious metals such as gold, silver and other metals such as copper, steel, iron and others. Other production method is casting. With metal casting first we laser cut plastic blank then we do silicone mold which will produce us soap wax and that soap wax will be casted into metal such as gold. Casting allows reproduction of more complex models while metal laser cutting is better for flat sheet metal jobs.