Hand Cuffs and Holster Personalized Custom Laser Engraving

Custom personalized handcuffs done for NYC  local security officer.  Silver name lettering done over PVC silencer jacket.  This was unique and quite unusual job but came out very nice. Project required to build custom placement module so that cuffs can be assigned for perfectly positioned laser engraving. Artwork required curved name placed over vector model of the handcuffs. Finally lettering cavity formed by laser beam was filled with silver paint making engraved name to stand out.  Once hand cuffs are completed we also did lather holster with engraving with custom logo.  Total time to complete about 3 hours.

Custom Laser Enbraved Police Hand Cuffs


Personalized cuffs laser engracing on platic in Brooklyn

Lather Laser Holster Engraving