Hover Board Laser Engraving as Holiday Gift

In last few month hover boards became very popular in New York City.  You may probably still wonder what “hover board” is, but most likely you seen at least one on the streets already. They are 2 wheeled scooters that look like Segway but without a stick. You balance yourself to go forward or backwards or to make turns.  Those things are perfect gift for the holidays, well at least till it starts to snow. Laser-CutZ can make the gift to be even more impressive by adding laser engraving to your hover board. Laser engraving is done on ABS plastic and then can be color filled to add more contrast to it. Job is done here on Brooklyn NY so you dont need to mail your gift out of state and wait for some one get it back to you.
abs plastic laser engraving nyc Hover Board Laser Engraving