Lage Format Digital Laser Printing – Blueprints, Construction Plans, Schematics

As we serve many architectural companies it was logical to add another “laser” machine to our services.  Now Laser-CutZ offers large format digital printing, this covers printing of construction documents, blueprints, floor plans, schematics, banners and any other big size print jobs. If you have architectural or engineering firm you definitely need drawings to be printed for client deliveries or to be present on a construction site and we can help with that. You can send us your PDF files and we will print them for you.  Maximum roll size it 36″. Our most common orders are 18×24″ (24″ bond roll). If needed on site delivery is available within tri-sate area(NY, NJ, CT).  If you have emergency job we can prioritize it for you including working overtime or even during night hours. For more printing needs such as vinyl banners and construction site signage (NYC DDC DOT Work in Progress or Whats Going On Signs you can visit or just call us at (646) 657-2626 we will help you with any printing needs)large_format_digital_blueprint_laser_printing_brooklyn_nyc