Lamborghini Hurricane lower bumper lip 3d scanning and printing in NYC

Lamborghini Hurricane 3D printed and Laser Scanned lower bumper lip

Client came in with one side of Lamborghini hurricane bumper lip broken, which is quite common for low riding cars. this lip was custom made for the car for getting replacement is little hard. To help keep car beautiful, LaserCutZ team laser 3D scanned other side of the bumper lip. Once we obtained point mesh, our CAD guys reverse engineered 3D model which we can send to 3D printer.

To save on cost, instead of using big 4ft wide industrial SLA we printed part in section in smaller FDM 3d printer. As per client request we also modified 3D file of the lip so spoiler fin looks more aggressive then original. Both left and right parts are printed and can be implanted to remaining body of the lip. Once mosaic is glued together it can be warped with carbon fiber layers and it will be good as new.

For this project we did not mold master model, so 3d printed body will reside inside of the bumper and it will serve as reinforcement even though carbon model itself it very durable. At the end it was a mix of a repair project with some body kid fabrication as design was altered from original. If we would to do completely new bumper or body kit we would scan actual Lamborghini frame without bumper, and then dressed it in CAD with our model so it fits perfectly as original. Our 3D scanner can easily handle large car parts, and more. Our previous 3D scanning project involved scanning Grumman S-2 Tracker airplane which had much larger parts.

Lamborghini hurricane bumper lip raw 3d scanned model
Lamborghini Hurricane 3D CAD body kit design
Lamborghini 3d printed carbon bumper kit