Marble Laser Engraved as Paperweight Gift

Those marble blocks are produced from same stone as building facade. Small marble paperweights laser engraved to make a recess channel and then ink filled for better visual contrast. Job proposed for a building in Manhattan. LaserCutZ can provide full service stone fabrication, we have capacity to cut to size with water jet, polish face and edges, provide installation services along with printing, engraving and etching. Marble and granite most commany either sand blasted or laser engraved, but unline most companies we can also do ink printing even full color UV prints on stone slabs. More over with our state of the art UV printer we can mimic certain stone textures fro instance semi trancelucent onyx can be UV printed on glass so it is eaiser to install then natural slab.

Marble laser engraving printing and ink fill gift paperweights