Order Custom Made Soap Stamps and Metal or Silicone Mold Dies

Laser-CutZ NYC are happy to announce that we now have automated system to order custom made soap stamps, molds, modules out of acrylic, rubber, metal, silicone and wax.
You can order you new soap stamp or embossing module at any time. We also offer add on services such as artwork creation and processing along with option to make preview and production process photos and videos so you can feature them as marketing materials on your website. (Telling the story how your soap impression are made)
If you promise  share with us how imprints came out on actual product we will automatically apply 5% OFF your total order! Spreading word about our service is also highly appreciated!
Custom Candle and Soap Stamps  Stamps
Soap Stamp
Laser-CutZ NYC Soap My Sweet Valentine