Papid Prototyping and Engineering Services for UAV Drones

Laser-CutZ is a part of TempGP Engineering company, our production base allows provide very fast turnaround rapid prototyping services including 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC milling, vacuum forming and mold injection.  Our mechanical, electronics and industrial engineers will be happy to assist any client in developing new and exiting projects.  We have production machinery in our office in Brooklyn, New York which means NYC companies can get easier access to prototyping and experimental development.
Project below shows fast adaptation of electric motor in to a UAV drone that was build with nitro combustion engine. Project requirement was to develop engine mounts and transmission gear so that aircraft can use either engines.   Bracket was 3D printed and gear was laser cut, both parts were designed in SolidWorks software.rapid_pototyping_mechanical_engeneering_3d_printing