Pipe Metal Tag Fiber Laser Engraving (Stainless Steel Safety Marking)

Job done for Long Island local pharmaceutical plant, those 2” stainless steel metal tags are used to mark and identify each pipe on the plant. Requirements for the pipe identification tags is that it can survive harsh environment and exposure to chemicals. LaserCutz fabricated 2” circular shapes with punch press (die cutting) there is 3/16 hole on top to hand metal tag with the wire to the pipe. Those metal tags are fiber laser engraved to provide deep recess into material. Such deep laser engraving ensures that our pipe tags are durable and can resist any type scratches. Job done overnight locally at NYC office. Each tag has unique ID number, this is done with variable coding. Serial numbers provided in Excel file and laserCutz will print those serial numbers on each metal pipe tag.
metal pipe tag laser engraving (1) durable steel pipe tag laser marking