Stainless Steel Metal Laser engraving on ID Tags

LaserCutZ can produce metal (stainless steel or bras) tags to any size and specks.  These tags are usually used in retail, art and fashion to present unique and upscale image of the brand. Another very popular industry for metal tags are electrical, plumbing, aero space and defense.  Our clients have been using those tags for fire department requirements on marking pipes in commercial buildings along with chemical pipe tagging on the production plans. Per client requirements tags can be made out of 316 stainless steel, which will provide maximum corrosion and chemical resistance.
Tags can be engraved deep to provide maximum scratch protection or engraving can be light to reduce cost of production. Quantity discounts are available, also custom shapes can be produced.
Tags shown are 2” in diameter with hole on top. Material is stainless steel 1.6mm.  Cutting method: punch press and fiber laser engraving. For better edging custom order can be laser cut.
fiber laser engraved metal id tags nyc stainless steel