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New Arrival: Chipboard Material Availble for Laser Cutting or Engraving

Laser-Cutz just stocked some extra chipboard (card board material) so we can do your project right away without waiting for material to arrive.  Chipboard is a type of cardboard very often used in architectural modeling for base of the model. Layers of chip board are attached to each other to build up the relief around building construction. Alliteratively chipboard is excellent material for various craft and creative projects. We can even do laser engraved business cards with it, and if you want to go crazy we can do engraving + silk  screening of business cards so you will have completely unique corporate identity (or perhaps we should call it creative personal identity) We can laser cut and engrave chip board.
Our current stock has:
22×28″ 0.10″ (2.54mm) 30ply @ $2.50
22×28″ 0.05″ (1.27mm) 14ply @ $5.00
Both would work for any laser project you might have. Of course we can you material you supply too.