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Custom Personalized Monogram and Name Plate Necklace done in NYC

Laser-CutZ in not only about machines that run our jobs. LaserCutZ team is a group of artists, engineers, and fabricators who can take on any jobs and deliver it to perfection.
We have been doing many jewelry projects for a while and now LaserCutz officially offer design and fabrication of custom jewelry project. We can work with any metals such as gold, silver, sterling, brass along with stones such as diamonds and others.
Project on the photos above shows gold name plate necklace with unique names sets. This includes Russian, Chinese and Armenian names but we are not limited to any language, so we can do custom necklace with any artwork on it weather it a name in any foreign language or a symbol.
If you need monograms, which are usually initials of your names we can do that too. We will build custom artwork and add a link chain to it. All jobs are custom maid so anything you want can be done.
Custom monograms name plates gold jewelry nyc Custom personalized gold name plate monogram necklace nyc gold golf ball monogram with etching and name plate jewerly custom hand made