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Ceramic Tiles and Floor Tiles Engraving Printing and Printing

Do you want to be unique and have usual designs for  your interior design decorations? Laser-Cutz NYC can engrave and print on ceramic tiles. Laser engraving is durable and will never gets washed or scratched away so this can be used as floor ceramic tiles even in high traffic area. Of course laser engraving is limited to one color and dot and line style of artwork (no shades) so to make more impressive alternatives we have UV surface printer that will allow us print full color any type of artwork including pictures to your ceramic tiles. UV printing is not as durable as laser engraving but it has its own aesthetic advantages as full color and full shadings are possible. Laser-Cutz can do both UV printing and laser engraving all at our office in Brooklyn, NY. Fast turnaround time is available, that includes same day on the spot projects.
floor tile laser engraving nycdurable laser printing on ceramic tile etching ink